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The Water Supply and Wastewater Disposal Department is a specialized unit of the design institute of SE «State Institute of Industrial Plant design» and performs all the sections related to water supply and wastewater as part of the integrated design works carried out by the institute.
The main activities of the department are designing of internal and external networks and structures of water supply and water disposal for industrial enterprises and civil facilities.

When developing scientific and technical documentation, modern achievements of science and technology are used. Almost all the works are brought to the implementation and their practical application

Specialists of the department develop project documentation:

Water supply:

  • systems for recycling water supply to enterprises, facilities and installations;
  • water treatment plants;
  • automatic fire extinguishing systems;
  • external networks and structures of water supply of industrial sites and urban areas;
  • internal networks of cold and hot water supply of production workshops, domestic and administrative premises, residential and public buildings.


  • systems for cleaning industrial effluents of metallurgical enterprises;
  • water intake and drainage systems and structures;
  • sludge dewatering facilities extracted from sewage from metallurgical plants;
  • external networks and structures of sewerage of industrial sites and urban areas;