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The department is specialized in developing master plans for enterprises and civil facilities, designing in-house rail and road transport at all stages of design.

The workflow is fully computerized, which ensures high accuracy and visibility of the design of the solutions.

The department develops all stages of the master plan and transport sections, which include:


  • the layout plan;
  • plan for the organization of the relief;
  • plan of earthen masses;
  • schemes of master plans for urban and rural settlements;


  • plan for the improvement of the territory;
  • schemes of district planning;
  • planning projects for the industrial zone of the district and city.


  • the summary plan of engineering networks;
  • access roads and in-ground roads and railways;
  • drainage chutes;

Placement of buildings and structures during the development or reconstruction of the master plan of the enterprise, district or city is carried out after processing and analysis of customer data and leading technological departments.

The most rational use of the territory is taken into account, the choice of the optimal transport and engineering infrastructure in accordance with existing norms, rules and standards.
The department also designs facilities for berthing, bank protection and bank protection structures.