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Development of technological tasks

Designing of technological part of metallurgical, machine-building, processing and other enterprises, main and auxiliary shops, departments, sections, units, furnaces, installations. Implementation of the section on environmental impact assessment.

General plan

Development of the general plan on the basis of which the planning, construction, reconstruction and other types of urban development of the territory are carried out: the layout plan, the relief organization plan, the plan of ground masses, the summary plan of engineering networks, the plan for the improvement of the territory, access and in-site roads and railways, drainage trays and other.

Architectural and construction solutions

Development of the architectural and construction part of the projects of new construction and reconstruction of industrial and civil facilities.
Development of construction projects.
Individual design and binding of standard projects for housing, civil and social purposes.
Designing of an accomplishment of territory with landscape-architectural decisions.

Engineering networks and structures

Designing of supply with heat, electricity, water, air, oxygen, natural and other gases.
Boiler rooms, gas-lifting and gas-mixing stations, air separation plants,
warehouses of oils, refrigeration.
Power lines, transformer substations and distribution points, power electrical equipment, electric drives of equipment and mechanisms.
Systems of heating, heat supply, ventilation, central air conditioning, aspiration, gas cleaning.
Water supply and sewerage networks. Pumping stations, circulating cycles of industrial enterprises, water towers, treatment facilities.

Equipment design

Development of mechanical and electrical non-standard equipment and equipment.
Continuous, lifting and pneumatic transport devices.
The equipment of systems of clearing and giving of gases
Devices for drying lining of ladles and furnace casings.
Molds, slag, stands.
Automation and instrumentation of technological processes and fire
extinguishing installations.
Engineering support of the automated production management system.

Energy Saving Technologies

Development and implementation of energy-saving technologies: designing the use of solar collectors, wind generators, heat pumps.


Author’s supervision of the objects of his design in the construction and reconstruction of objects.